What are The Benefits of Green tea?

We’ve all seen how many have turned to drinking green tea not just because of its rich taste, but also because of all the health treasures that they get with each cup.

Their excitement is quite justified, however, as people of the past were also enjoying green tea for all the health benefits it gave them.

The Chinese even believed drinking green tea regularly gave them long, happy and healthy lives.

Drinking green tea is known in many places and communities as a very effective traditional and natural treatment for various age-related diseases. But medical experts are pointing out more; drinking green tea regularly helps individuals in their weight loss activities, especially in the modern times when our active lifestyles make us unhealthy beings, and doing weight loss (despite all the fancy diet methods you see on TV) can sometimes be a very tough challenge, and expensive as well.

Looking at the health history of the Chinese alone tells us so many important things. A very big part of the population being healthy is attributed to the inclusion of drinking green tea into their main diet.

What’s so special about green tea?

The catechin polyphenol component, which houses a very powerful and specialized antioxidant referred to as EGCE (epigallocatechin gallate) is known to inhibit certain cells inside our bodies from causing cancer, and kills them along the way without compromising the surrounding healthy tissues.

Studies have also determined that green tea can effectively decrease cholesterol levels while inhibiting abnormal blood clot accumulation at the same time.

Here are more great benefits to convince you to start drinking green tea today. 

1.   Researchers are fully confident of green tea’s ability to stop cancer in its tracks. They even go on further by stating that the effective components in green tea treat cancer itself.  

2.   Aside from cancer, drinking green tea on a regular basis also addresses cardiovascular diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. 

3.   It also helps to reduce esophageal cancer effects to our body. 

4.   People in the past also turn to drinking green tea to help treat their cases of multiple sclerosis. 

5.   Green tea also treats impaired immune functions, making us resist diseases more. 

6.   People suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases found out to their hearts’ content that drinking green tea can help manage such diseases. 

7.   Extensive research has also looked into the claim that daily green tea consumption prevents tooth decay. Scientists have discovered how green tea is well able to fight off bacteria-causing plaque. 

8.   Through the reduction of the thrombosis formation, which is also a proven green tea effect, is another important approach on how to reduce the risks to heart attacks and the disease itself. 

9.   Making green tea a part of your diet effectively improves your good against bad cholesterol ratio, which is good news to those suffering from high cholesterol levels for quite some time now. 

Last but never the least, green tea consumption increases fat oxidation and your metabolism activity. This means you would be able to burn calories and all those excess fats more efficiently with an enhanced metabolism.  

Green tea